Building Maintenance
Building Maintenance

Since 2009, Impact Glass Services has been serving the glass needs for Homeowners, Condo Associations, Property Managers, Business Owners and High End Construction Companies of South Florida.

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Maintenance on Windows and Doors

Is your building prepared for hurricane season?

Whether you are a property manager or condo association manager, it’s important to make sure that your entire building is ready for unexpected storms.

In South Florida, it’s crucial to perform general maintenance on your building’s windows and doors as a preventative plan to prepare for hurricane season.

During a hurricane or strong storm, glass windows and doors suffer a lot of stress, being exposed to high wind pressures and wind driven rain. If they aren’t properly maintained, they can suffer costly property damage, including water damage and excessive wind infiltration.

Our glass services include:

  • Sliding door installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Impact glass door and window replacement
  • Hardware replacement or repairs (including electrostatic paint)
  • Water leak detection and repairs (highly recommended to prepare for hurricane season)

We know when you need glass repairs and replacement, the timing is critical, especially in extreme weather conditions. That’s why we will do your job quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Our dedicated team are experts in glass repair and replacement for both commercial glass and residential glass needs, including:

  • Windows
  • Sliding Doors
  • Impact Glass

No matter what glass services you need, we can take care of it for you. Visit our Projects to check out examples of our past work.

Call us today and one of our glass experts will give you a free, customized proposal.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Repair

Does your building need sliding glass door installation, maintenance and repairs?

At Impact Glass, we can install, repair, and replace the sliding glass doors in your building for any reason. Plus, we also sell parts from the best glass suppliers in the industry.

We can make any repairs if your building’s sliding glass doors have been damaged by:

  • Usage
  • Environmental conditions
  • Lack of maintenance

Let us make the repairs for you. Call us today for a free, customized proposal.

Sliding Door Repair
Sliding Door Track Repair
Install Sliding Door
Glass Replacement

Impact Glass Replacement

If you work with Impact Glass Services, you won't have to worry about your windows shattering during a storm anymore.

We will replace your building’s large and small impact glass doors and windows. The replacement glass we use will match the exact description of your original glass because we work directly with the best glass suppliers in the industry.

We assure the:

  • Continuity of your impact, thermal, and acoustical protections
  • Product matches with your building appearance

What it Means for You

  • Protect Your Property – Our impact glass can handle the severe weather in South Florida.
  • Superior Style – We offer a wide array of choices that are stylish and structurally sound.
  • Noise Protection – Our laminated glass will keep your acoustical protection intact.
  • Save Money – We work with your budget and even offer energy star glass that will keep your energy bills low.
impact glass
glass replacement windows
replacement glass
Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic paint is a painting process that uses a magnet field to apply paint to metals and plastics. Essentially, the object you need to paint is given a negative charge, and the electrostatic paint uses a positive charge, creating a durable, smooth, hard paint.

How it Works

The electrostatic paint is attracted like a magnet to the metal or plastic. The paint will penetrate through the metal instead of just covering the surface. This system is the only way to refinish existing on-site architectural aluminum and decorative metal.

Benefits of Electrostatic Paint

  • On-site refinishing
  • Uniform coating application with no overspray
  • Significant reductions in both paint usage and waste generated
  • Cleanliness is maintained at all times
  • Less maintenance is required for pollution or environmental conditions
  • Coatings are available in an array of decorator colors, including blends and matches to existing colors
  • Considered the best form of painting for any type of metal
electrostatic paint
electrostatic paint
electrostatic paint
Hardware Replacement

Hardware Replacement

No matter which part of your windows and doors is breaking down, we can replace it.

We will replace your damaged hardware with the original parts providing the quality performance and functionality you expect.

Glass Hardware Replacement
Shower Hardware Replacement
Window Hardware Replacement
Water Leak Test

Water Test and Leak Repair

Before and after hurricane season, it’s important to detect and repair any water leaks in your building’s glass doors and windows.

We will perform recognized and approved water infiltration tests to determine whether your glass is functioning properly. Our tests will simulate the effects of a wind rain storm and ensure:

  • Accurate Results: Our systematic approach and proven testing protocols will ensure exact results, identifying building failures and recommendations for glass repair.
  • No Delays: Our expert team is ready to guide you through your next project to meet your testing needs on schedule. No more delays because of failed inspections!
  • Your Bottom-Line: You will no longer have to worry about unnecessary delays caused by failures during quality assurance. We perform accurate, professional testing, provide concise reports, and help you through the entire process! Don’t wait to contact us today!
Water Leaks
Fix Water Leak
Diagnose Water Leak

Need Glass Repair, Maintenance or Replacement?

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