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Since 2009, Impact Glass Services has been serving the glass needs for Homeowners, Condo Associations, Property Managers, Business Owners and High End Construction Companies of South Florida.

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In today’s industry, manufacturers and designers have found a way to balance air and water infiltration through operable glazing products when exposed to weather conditions. Operable products such as sliding glass doors, single hung windows, casement windows and horizontal rolling windows can’t be 100% hermetic. However, and based on the current construction codes, their expected performance is confirmed through testing under controlled conditions in a certified test facility. This to ensure that any air and water infiltration is kept within the allowed parameters and tolerances. Designers and manufacturers have accomplished this balance by integrating different types of weathering components such as: gaskets, weatherstrippings and pile pads in specific locations or points within the assembly.

Based on experience, when an end-user complains of excessive air and water infiltrating through any of their products, it is very likely a result of either missing or damaged weathering components. In some rare cases, products are performing as intended but customer feels something is not quite right.

In the event that a problem with the glazing product is suspected, the first recommendation is to call an expert to perform an assessment of your products and determine if indeed there is something wrong. In most cases, the products performance can be restored by replacing faulty or missing components with the exact same type of material. Again, the replacement of these parts requires a knowledgeable and experienced contractor that has detailed information of the parts required and how each product shall perform.

Adding excessive sealant or weathering components in the wrong places may actually worsen the condition either by clogging or “sealing” the product too much, preventing it from draining the water within as intended. This may result in water overflowing the track or windowsills causing damage to interior finishes such as flooring and drywall. 

Adding and or replacing the weatherstripping with the wrong type of material may also affect the operation of the products. Wrong sized piles may end up either not sealing the products as intended, contributing to more water and air to enter through the product or these can make the operation of the assemblies extremely difficult by increasing friction.

If you are experiencing or suspect your product to be faulty by allowing excessive air and water through these, please contact an expert before attempting self-repairs or hiring unexperienced personnel. At first, hiring unprofessional labor may seem cheaper than an expert but in the long run, having the repairs made by professional, will ensure the longevity and proper performance of the products. 

The Origins of Impact Glass Services

Toward the year 2007 many buildings were constructed at the southern Florida. In that time, the mayor company in fabrication and installation of glass against hurricanes (product known as Impact Windows) was called RC Aluminum industries, at that time RC Aluminum industries was doing installations to about 30 buildings that were being build and having impact windows installed on them. We were part of that big team, more than 60% of the buildings that were under construction and installing impact windows, were from RC Aluminum.

With that amount of buildings under construction, the need of sharing a service of maintenance and windows repair come up, the big companies of windows do not have the logistic to cover this need in an effective way. In march of 2009, with the support of the owners (see recommendation cart)  of RC Aluminum, Juan Carlos and Yussef (past workers of RC) build a company with the purpose of sharing a service of fixing impact windows, to those buildings that needed a company with the knowledge of those systems, a company that could have the original parts, and also borrowing any type of service in a fast way.

With that amount of buildings under construction, the need of sharing a service of maintenance and windows repair come up, the big companies of windows do not have the logistic to cover this need in an effective way. In march of 2009, with the support of the owners (see recommendation cart)  of RC Aluminum, Juan Carlos and Yussef (past workers of RC) build a company with the purpose of sharing a service of fixing impact windows, to those buildings that needed a company with the knowledge of those systems, a company that could have the original parts, and also borrowing any type of service in a fast way.


Yussef (who is an architect graduated in Colombia) dedicates 5 years in RC Aluminum, improving the develop of different systems (fixed windows, single hung, horizontal roller, project out, casement, sliding door, swing doors). Day by day he evaluated the system defects and try possible fixes. Moving forward, he worked as a consultor in a company dedicated to the installation of windows in different buildings, during the construction, he verifies that were perfectly installed and fulfilling with the performance established by “Notice of acceptance (NOA)”. During this time, he knew and evaluated the functions and the development of the systems offered by the other windows makers, installed primary in buildings, such as continental Glass systems, Gamma, Delta Doors, Glass Wall, and beyond.

Meanwhile Juan Carlos (graduated of industrial engineering, previously working in logistics) had the opportunity of implementing the control on the installation process, statistics of installation times and budget, and know about the process of estimating the costs of windows installation.

 The education, previous experience and knowledge on the world of windows, gave that solid base for the creation of impact Glass Services.

If you live in a building near the beach and you had installed an Impact Window, IGS knows that product and had fix it.

With the purpose of being updated on the world of Windows, we program periodic training reunions with the cooperation of our providers (Silicones, screws, PPE, occupational health, water testing, etc)

Impact Glass Services Miami


Thanks to the close relation with our manufacturers, we have access to the hardware applied originally in the window system installed in your building. Also, we can provide the parts that are not found in the common market anymore. 


  • We are exclusively dedicated to maintaining and repairing impact windows and doors (we have done more than 20,000 repairs), since March 2009.
  • We have a team of highly qualified technicians (more than 10 groups). And according to the needs we are able to increase it.
  • We are strategically located to serve Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties.
  • We have expert vendors dedicated to solving any questions about the problem your impact window and door may be presenting.
  • Our vendors visit you within 3 days to calculate a free estimate.
  • We provide electrostatic painting service, water infiltration test, water intrusion, air infiltration, salt residue, handle replacement, hydraulic door closers, wheel and rail repair, replacement of broken glass with the same specifications of the originally installed.
  • We schedule the repair in less than 2 weeks in most cases.

 Being located in the southern part of the State of Florida, every year it is very likely that a hurricane or storm visit us. If the window systems are kept in good condition (Preventive Maintenance) their performance against hurricanes and storms will be the best. If, on the other hand, the systems are not cleaned, lubricated, etc., it is possible that they will not behave well as they are confronted to wind and rain.

The damage that a hurricane can cause to a property is very serious compared to preventive maintenance. Additionally, how complicated it can be to get your Property insurance, coverage for damages caused and the deductible that applies.

¿Porqué Nació IGS?

Hacia el año 2007 se había venido construyendo a gran escala edificios en toda el area del Sur de la Florida. En esa época, la compañía líder en fabricación e instalación de ventanas contra huracán (producto conocido también como ventanas de impacto) llamada RC Aluminum Industries, mantenía instalando al tiempo, unos 30 edificios. Conformábamos ese gran equipo unas 800 personas. Podría decirse que más del 60% de los edificios que se estaban construyendo e instalándoles ventanas de impacto, eran con los sistemas de RC Aluminum.

Junto con esa gran cantidad de edificios construyéndose, surgió la necesidad de prestar el servicio de mantenimiento y reparación de esas ventanas “especializadas”, y las grandes compañías de ventana no tenían la logística para lograrlo de forma efectiva. Es en Marzo del 2009, con el apoyo de los propietarios de RC Aluminun (ver carta de recomendación), Yussef y Juan (antiguos empleados de RC) crearon una empresa para prestar servicio de reparación de ventanas de impacto, a esos edificios que necesitaban de una compañía que tuviera conocimiento de esos sistemas, pudiera conseguir las partes originales, y prestarles el servicio de forma rápida sobre cualquier tipo de reparación que necesitara el sistema instalado en su edificio.


Yussef (quien es arquitecto graduado en Colombia) se dedico, en RC Aluminum por 5 años, a mejorar el desempeño de los diferentes sistemas (fixed windows, single hung, horizontal roller, project out, casement, y puertas sliding door, swing doors). El día a día era evaluando el motivo por el cual el sistema presentaba falla y probar los posibles arreglos. Posteriormente, trabajo como consultor en una compañía dedicada a evaluar la instalación de las ventanas en los diferentes edificios, durante su construcción, para verificar que estuvieran bien instaladas y cumpliendo con el desempeño que debían tener de acuerdo con el “Notice of Aceptance (NOA)”. Durante este tiempo conoció y evaluó el funcionamiento / desempeño de los sistemas ofrecidos por los demás fabricantes de ventanas de impacto, instalados principalmente en edificios, como son Continental Glass Systems, Gamma, Delta Doors, Glass wall, entre otros.

Por su parte, Juan (Graduado de Ingenieria Industrial, previamente trabajando en el campo de la logistica) tuvo la oportunidad de implementar Control del proceso de instalacion, estadisticas sobre tiempos de instalacion y presupuesto, y conocer sobre el proceso de cotizacion de instalacion de ventanas a los edificios. 

La educación, previa experiencia, y conocimiento del mundo de la ventanería en RC Aluminum, dio esa base solida para el nacimiento de Impact Glass Services.

Si usted reside en un edifico que se encuentre cerca a la playa y tenga instalado ventanas de impacto, IGS conoce ese producto y ya lo ha arreglado.

Con el fin de estar al dia con lo que esta sucediendo en el mundo de las ventanas y para recordar, programamos reuniones de entrenamiento periodico, con la colaboracion de nuestros proveedores (silicone, tornilleria, PPE, Salud ocupacional, water test, etc).

Impact Glass Services Miami


Gracias a la relación estrecha con cada uno de los fabricantes en el mercado, tenemos el hardware que utiliza los sistemas instalados en su edificio. También tenemos las partes de los sistemas de fabricantes que ya no están en el mercado. A continuación algunas fotos de manijas y partes que puede tener sus puertas y ventanas… y en IGS lo tenemos para proveérselo e instalárselo.


  • Nos dedicamos exclusivamente a darle mantenimiento y reparar ventanas y puertas de impacto (hemos hecho mas de 20,000 reparaciones), desde Marzo del 2009.
  • Contamos con un equipo de tecnicos altamente calificados (mas de 10 grupos). Y de acuerdo con las necesidades estamos en capacidad de incrementarlo.
  • Estamos estrategicamete localizados para darle atencion a los condados de Miami Dade, Broward y West Palm Beach.
  • Contamos con vendedores expertos, dedicados a resolver cualquier pregunta sobre el problema que pueda estar presentando su ventana y puerta de impacto.
  • Nuestros vendedores lo visitan antes de 3 dias para hacerle un estimado gratis.
  • Prestamos servicio de pintura electrostatica, prueba de infiltracion de agua (Water test), filtracion de agua (water intrusion), filtracion de aire (air infiltration), acumulacion de sal (Salt residue), cambio de manijas (handles), de cierra puerta hidraulico (closers), reparacion de ruedas y rieles, reemplazo de cristal roto con las mismas especificaciones del originalmente instalado.
  • Programamos la reparacion en menos de 2 semanas en la mayoria de los casos.

 Al estar ubicados en la zona Sur del Estado de la Florida, cada año es muy probable que nos visite un huracan y tormentas. Si los sitemas se mantienen en buen estado (Mantenimiento Preventivo) su desempeño ante huracanes y tormentas va a ser el mejor. Si por el contrario, los sistemas no se limpian, lubrican, etc, es posible que no se comporte bien al ser sometido a vientos y lluvias.

Los daños que puede causar un huracán a una propiedad son muy elevados, en comparación con darles mantenimiento preventivo. Adicional, de lo complicado que puede resultar conseguir que el seguro de su Propiedad, de cobertura a los daños causados y él deducible que aplica.

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