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Since 2009, Impact Glass Services has been serving the glass needs for Homeowners, Condo Associations, Property Managers, Business Owners and High End Construction Companies of South Florida.

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A Closer Look to Impact Glass Windows Installation Process

We are more than pleased to serve our customers with excellent quality products but also we work hard to get you an excellent service too that why we want to share with you which are the steps for a Windows Installation process for you to know what to expect when you buy from us.

Step 1: Call in to schedule a visit

If you need Impact windows and doors you will need to contact us to 786.245.4595 to schedule a visit with one of our sales representatives, he will visit you to take measures, show you the options we have available you get to select the type of window or door you want, the color of the glass, the color of the frame and to which side you want it to open.

Step 2: Estimate and sketch

You will received a written estimate with a list of everything you selected before and a sketch of the location of each window and door in your house for you to be sure you are selecting what you really want and because this is the only step in which you will be able to make the changes you need or want to make before placing an order, we recommend you to take your time and make the correct decision that fits your house style and your budget, we want to be sure you will be a satisfied customer.

Step 3: Signing the contract

If you get to this step is because we have a great product and a great price for you. After agreeing with the estimate you will received a contract to proceed with the order, please read it carefully before signing and ask our salesmen any question you have.

Step 4: Payment Method

We received different payment methods, cash, check and all major credit cards. For customers that need finance we have two main options for you, please let your sales representative know if you are interested in one of our Financing Programs and he will help you to get approve.

Step 5: Start to work with you Project Manager

If your contract is ready and you submit your first payment of 50% you will start working with your Project Manager, he is the person in charge of your Project and it will be your main contact in our company, since this stage he is responsible of your project.

Step 6: Installer Measurements

Your Project Manager will select a team of installers for your project and he will visit you with them to take final measures of the windows and doors to have everything ready and complete to place the order.

Step 7: Placed your order to the Manufacturer

After the installer confirm measures we are ready to place your order to the Manufacturer. We offer to our customer’s different type of Impact Windows and Doors from different manufacturers, some of them take between 4 to 6 weeks to finish and deliver the order to us for installation in a low season, if your order is placed during Hurricane Season some Manufacturers can take between 6 to 8 weeks to have your order ready.

Step 8: City Permits

Before installation we will need a City permit that we will process for you, we will submit the plans to the city to get approval, some cities don’t allow us to order the Impact Windows and Doors before we have the permits and this can delay for few days all the process. Please check with your Project Manager if your city requires the permits before placing the order.

Step 9: Installation

Once we have the permits we will schedule installation with you. Depending on the size and complexity of your project the installation can take between one to two weeks. You will need to be present during the installation or leave someone over 18 years in charge of the project, this person should give us access to the property. For the installation of your Impact Windows and Doors you will need to give us free access to work, this includes but is not limited to move your furniture and take off the shutters and blind if need it.

Step 10: City Inspection

After we finished your Impact Windows and Doors Installation we will need to schedule a City Inspection of the project for the City to clear everything and approve it, you will need to be present during this inspection and the date and time must be coordinated with the city inspector by your Project Manager.


Changing your regular Windows and Doors for Impact Windows and Doors is a great project and as you see it takes time, please discuss any questions with your Sales Representative and Project Manager during the process and be patient, our goal is your satisfaction.

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