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Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Wheels For Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are very common in condos and homes in South Florida because of their beautiful appearance and excellent functionality. Sliding glass doors are most often installed as an entrance to the balcony or patio, which is why doors are the most frequently used by residents. It is very important to make them work properly well so as not to interrupt access to those areas. In this blog, we want to tell you 5 important things you should know about replacing wheels in a sliding glass door:

1. Why are the doors of a sliding glass door damaged?

There are many reasons why sliding glass doors can be damaged; doors are sometimes hit during a repair in the condominium or with furniture and this can damage the wheels.

Another reason is that the wheels do not receive proper maintenance. If sliding glass door wheels are not frequently cleaned or lubricated, dust and salt build up on the door track. This makes the wheels not to roll easily.

Another reason why the wheels of a sliding glass door do not work well and get damaged is that the doors are near the sea and the salt corrodes these. At other times, it may happen that the sliding glass doors remain closed for an extended period of time and therefore, do not receive adequate maintenance which makes the wheels do not slide easily. In some cases, it may even be impossible to open the sliding glass door or open it with much difficulty.

2. How to prevent damage to the wheels of a sliding glass door?

To ensure a longer duration for sliding glass doors, it is crucial to maintaining these correctly. According to the proximity of the property to the sea, the maintenance of the sliding glass doors wheels should be done with greater or less frequency. For the properties that are closest to the sea as the Sliding Glass Doors wheels have more contact with the sea breeze and salt, it is necessary to clean the track and the sliding glass door Wheels minimum once a month.

Impact Glass Services recommends that all customers execute full maintenance on sliding glass doors Wheels once every 6 months. It is important to highlight that maintenance includes cleaning and lubrication of the Wheels.

3. What can happen if used parts that are not original when changing the wheels of the sliding glass doors?

Impact Glass Services recommends that when a resident decides to change the wheels of their sliding glass door, contact a company that guarantees the use of the original parts of the sliding glass door; not only the original wheels but also the screws, frame, and track. If non-original parts are used to make the sliding glass door Repair, the integrity of the sliding glass door can be compromised as Hurricane Proof. In the case of a hurricane making landfall, the sliding glass door may fail.

Another reason why it is not convenient to use non-original wheels in sliding glass doors is that these wheels can damage the track of the sliding glass door and thus hamper the operation of the door.

4. How to identify that the wheels of a sliding glass door need to be replaced?

One of the most common reasons why the sliding glass door wheels need to be replaced is if residents need to use excessive force or more force than usual to open the sliding glass door.

Another reason is when the resident hears that when opening the sliding glass door produces a loud sound. Sometimes even neighbors may complain when you open your sliding glass door.

Another reason to consider replacing the wheels of your sliding glass door is if you open the door, there is a feeling that the door jumps or does not slide easily or if you open it, you have a hard time closing it.

5. Why hire an expert company to replace wheels in a sliding glass door like Impact Glass Services and not a company with little to no experience?

It is important to hire a company with experience in Wheels Replacement on sliding glass doors such as Impact Glass Services because a bad change of wheels can cause several issues such as:

  • ✔ They can employ used wheels and parts, and in this way, the sliding glass door would be damaged again. At Impact Glass Services, we do not use used parts; we use only new parts.
  • ✔ When attempting to replace the wheels of the sliding glass door, they may damage other parts of the door that are critical to the sliding glass door’s smooth operation. Impact Glass Services has more than 7 years of experience in Wheels Replacement on sliding glass doors, and we are very careful when doing our work.
  • ✔ Some small or inexperienced companies offer no guarantee on wheels’ replacement of the sliding glass door. At Impact Glass Services, we offer a 6-month warranty.
  • ✔ If the hired company do not have enough knowledge or experience on wheels replacement in sliding glass doors, the installer can damage the door or break the glass, which would mean that the resident has to invest a large sum of money to replace the glass or door.
  • ✔ If the company that is going to replace the wheels of the sliding glass door uses improper parts or damages the door, it compromises the integrity of the sliding glass door as Hurricane Proof, and in the case of a hurricane, the sliding glass door can fail and not withstand the pressure of the winds.
  • ✔ Many of the companies that replace wheels in sliding glass doors do not have the necessary licenses and insurance to do so, and in case of an accident or any damage caused to the sliding glass door, these companies won’t be able to assume the claims. Impact Glass Services has all the necessary licenses and insurance to respond to our clients.

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