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Hurricane Sandy was called “Frankenstorm” with making landfall later today. Everyone is worried about friends and family on the East coast. The storm threat has a 1,000 mile diameter! New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Conneticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York are all expected to feel its fury.

We always urge people to install storm protection before the hurricane season which starts on June 1st and continues to the end of November. Each year you never know what is going to happen because of global warming, volcanoes, etc. Protect your family, pets and property all year long. Please don’t wait, time is of the essence.

For those looking for an easy explanation (with clear illustrations) of how hurricane-driven forces and wind-borne debris can significantly damage a house, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) organization has put together a series of great videos covering this topic.

The video embedded above highlights how vulnerable window and door components are in the event of a hurricane. With great video simulations, it shows how the building envelope can be breached if window and door openings are not properly protected against the enhanced wind pressures and wind-borne debris.

The video recommends to always use products which have been tested and approved by the following standards, evaluation reports or approval systems:

ASTM E 1886
ASTM E 1996
Miami-Dade Protocols
TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203

You can find additional information about hurricane protection and impact windows at www.flash.org. FLASH has more educational videos, in addition to a variety of written reports.

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