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Since 2009, Impact Glass Services has been serving the glass needs for Homeowners, Condo Associations, Property Managers, Business Owners and High End Construction Companies of South Florida.

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Impact resistant products have become an extremely popular choice among homeowners particularly when it comes to window replacement in Miami. In fact, impact windows are associated with multiple benefits.

  • Protection from extreme weather conditions
    Perfectly installed impact windows can withstand extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. The impact resistant products offered by Impact Glass Services come with two layers of supreme quality glass and an interlayer. This configuration provides a greater strength to withstand hurricane situations.
  • Added burglary protection
    Apart from protecting you from natural weather conditions, Impact Windows are capable of making potential burglaries pretty difficult.
  • Noise Reduction
    Our impact glasses are capable of reducing the outdoor noises pretty efficiently. Such feature facilitates a stress-free and peaceful life for all the family members.
  • Protection from UV rays
    We use specially manufactured glass material for our window replacement projects in Miami. These are capable of cutting down 90% of UV rays. Such feature protects your furniture, interior designs, carpets, drapers and paintings from fading. This is a great value addition for houses in Miami considering the amount of direct sunlight you may be exposed to.

Why are we special?

Our company, Impact Glass Services, possess more than 15 years of experience in the industry of glazing and glass. Throughout these years, we have handled multiple window installation projects of all the scales (from residential to commercial). Our team possesses professional qualifications and years of industry experience. That is why we are capable of assuring 100% customer satisfaction with every window installation project we undertake in Miami, Broward and Palm beach counties.

As the initial step, our expertise technicians will visit your site and decide the best type of impact window. After the thorough inspection you will be given a precise estimation allowing you to prepare in advance. We always believe in customer satisfaction and offer multiple solutions depending on the personal interest and the type of the venue.

To get the best results we offer


We offer multiple types of impact windows such as:

  • Casement windows
  • Single hung windows
  • Horizontal rolling windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Project-out windows

100% financing for Impact Window installation in Miami

As an initiative of a fully customer-oriented company, Impact Glass Services offer a comprehensive finance scheme for customers based in Miami-Dade and Broward. IGS strongly believes that every house deserve the touch of beautiful and protective impact windows; you don’t need to compromise the beauty and the safety of your house over the large upfront payments. Our financing facility is structured determining the following factors:

  • We provide 100% financing for impact window installation in Miami and Broward.
  • No down payment is required
  • No proof of employment or any other income source is necessary
  • It doesn’t create any impact on your credit limit
  • Your credit score is not considered
  • Wallet-friendly monthly installations are offered

Make use of this great opportunity and maximize the protection and the appearance of your house. Call us today for more information and obtain your FREE ESTIMATE!

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