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Hurricane Shutters Vs Impact Windows

People who live in areas that are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions (particularly like hurricanes) look for sturdy and long-lasting window options. These people are left with options like hurricane shutters and impact windows to select. This article emphasizes the characteristics of both options and is of assistance when selecting the right type.

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Renew Your Bathroom Look with Shower Doors

It is amazing how much of elegance a shower door can bring to a bathroom. Shower doors come in various styles, colors and materials to comply with different settings. So, it is obvious that not all the shower doors are the same. When the correct type of shower door is selected, it can be given a completely new look to your bathroom. Here are some of the most elegant shower doors in Miami you can consider if you wish to renew your bathroom.

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Benefits of Having Impact Windows and Doors in Your Home or Business

Apart from being a trend, installing impact windows and doors is associated with various benefits for the home and business owners in many ways. Impact windows and doors deliver both direct and indirect benefits for the owners and their clients. This article emphasizes some of the main benefits of installing impact windows and doors in Miami.

Protection against natural and non-natural threats

One of the main advantages of having impact windows and doors in Miami is that they are safer than regular glass windows and doors because of their composition. Impact windows are capable of withstanding natural situations like hurricanes which are not rare in Florida. Apart from that, impact windows are capable of stand against break-in attempts.

Reduces utility bills

Regardless of the strength, impact windows have the ability to maximize energy efficiency. It has already become a trend to have large panoramic openings in the buildings these days; multi-glazed impact windows in Miami are capable of allowing adequate natural sunlight to come through. These impact windows don’t allow heat or cold to come through thanks to its excellent insulating capabilities. In simplest terms, impact windows can keep the indoor atmosphere almost unaffected by the outdoor conditions, so you can effectively cut down the electricity wasted on air-conditioning and heating systems.

Reduces noise

Impact windows in Miami significantly reduce noises come from outdoors. This is a great advantage for both residential and commercial type buildings as these special windows can assure a peaceful indoor environment no matter how busy your surrounding is.

Leads to lower insurance premiums

No matter what the level of your income is, it is highly advantageous if you can lower your insurance premiums you pay for your dwelling. Considering the protection these impact windows can provide to a building, insurance companies are most likely to offer discounts on their premiums. From a policyholder’s point of view, deduction of premium is a bonus.

Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

Impact windows in Miami are tested to be highly effective in providing protection from UV. These special windows are manufactured with high-quality glass materials that can block almost all the UV light. Because of this UV shield characteristic, impact windows can protect precious indoor items like interior, photographs, paintings, floorings, rugs, etc. Since sunlight is not rated in Florida, it is crucial for modern buildings to have better UV protection while enjoying natural visible light inside the buildings.

Despite all the benefits you can enjoy with impact windows in Miami, you should thoroughly consider hiring a professional and well-experienced installer for optimal results. Make sure that your service provider has adequate industry experience. They must be able to provide you the examples of their previous work. Get your window installer’s website and see for customer testimonials to get a better idea about the track record. These precautions are exceptionally important if you expect a better return on the investment.

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The 2016 Hurricane Season Is Almost Here!

For anyone living on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico, June 1st of every year is a special day. This marks the start of hurricane season, which for many can cause some anxiety. We’ve been lucky for many years to say the least, considering that the last major hurricane to sweep our beaches was Hurricane Ike in 2008. So, what is to come in between June 1st and November 30th? While the official predictions won’t be released until May 27th by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, many other forecasters are throwing their predictions out for thought.

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How Glass Is Made

Glass has become one of the most popular building materials used today because it offers virtually unlimited aesthetic options, combined with outstanding performance. What ends up as large, sweeping glass panels in a high-rise office building, healthcare facility, school, or other construction project starts as a simple combination of sand, soda ash, limestone, dolomite, and some other minor ingredients.

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Important Facts about Glass

Multiple types of glass:

There are thousands of different types of glass with distinct properties and performance characteristics. Some, like mirror, are easily recognizable, but most are not. Glass comes in different thicknesses, sizes, strengths and can have multiple panes (called lites) with sealed spaces between them. Glass can have different coatings and inserts, as wire or laminates and varying levels of reflectivity and transparency, as well as color.

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Benefits of Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic is a term used for a special type of coating application equipment. Is a painting process that uses the particle attracting property of electrostatic charges. The electrostatic painting method work attracting the paint electrically to the metal then attaches itself to the surface creating a smooth long lasting coat.

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Hurricane Sandy was called “Frankenstorm” with making landfall later today. Everyone is worried about friends and family on the East coast. The storm threat has a 1,000 mile diameter! New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Conneticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York are all expected to feel its fury.

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What Are Hurricane Resistant Windows?

In the last decade, South Florida has been exposed to furious hurricane seasons. There is a common misconception that a lower category hurricane is less of a threat than a higher category hurricane. For example, Hurricane Katrina was the costly hurricane in United States history and it was only a Category 3 hurricane when it made landfall. Hurricane Andrew was the only Category 5 hurricane to make the list of the top five costliest hurricanes to strike the United States destroying many homes. After this, Florida began promoting hurricane-resistant architecture, including impact-resistant roofs, doors, and windows. Today, many areas in Florida require new homes to contain hurricane-proof windows, which include homes around the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast area.

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