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Renew Your Bathroom Look with Shower Doors

It is amazing how much of elegance a shower door can bring to a bathroom. Shower doors come in various styles, colors and materials to comply with different settings. So, it is obvious that not all the shower doors are the same. When the correct type of shower door is selected, it can be given a completely new look to your bathroom. Here are some of the most elegant shower doors in Miami you can consider if you wish to renew your bathroom.

Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass shower doors are referred to be sliding doors too in the industry. This is the door type that takes the least amount of space. Generally, these doors come with two or three panels. These panels are installed to be sliding on the designated tracks fixed both at the top and bottom sides of the shower unit. These doors perfectly match for corner stand-alone shower units. The glass materials of theses shower doors come in various textures, colors and thicknesses to match the main shower.

Pivot Shower Doors

In general, pivot shower doors (or swing-open shower doors) are designed to open outward. However, depending on the layout of the shower unit, these shower doors can be fitted to swing inward too. Usually, these doors are used when the opening of the shower unit is too small for a bypass shower door. Again, pivot doors come in various glass materials to select depending on the design of the shower unit.

Frameless Shower Doors

If you wish to give a more futuristic appearance to your shower, you should consider installing a frameless shower door. These shower doors are exceptionally easy to clean and they perfectly match with the modern shower designs. Although frameless shower doors are simple in appearance, they are capable of upgrading your shower unit into a spacious-looking one. Therefore, frameless shower doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Single Shower Doors

As the name suggests, single shower doors come with only one door. This particular door can be swung both inward and outward. Sometimes, depending on the requirement, such setting can come as a fixed panel too.

90-Degree Shower Doors

This is another futuristic shower door design. These doors are made with glass panels to meet at a 900 angle. By installing a 90-degree shower, you can simply make a compact shower area to look like a spacious one.

Verities of the glass material

Selecting the type of the glass can be done depending on your (customer) requirement, the type of the existing shower unit and the instructions of the experts. These materials come in different colors, thicknesses, and finishes.

Industry-renowned experts like Impact Glass Services offer custom made shower doors too. These tailor-made shower doors in Miami are designed faultlessly by professional technicians to give a next-level look to your shower area. Call Impact Glass Services now to claim your free quotation and get information about all the shower door options

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