Many people wonder if it is possible to remove scratches from glass. In general terms, it could be said that it is. However, there is a wide spectrum of possibilities regarding this topic. Glass is not like a diamond, even though they both look transparent, glass is a ‘non-crystalline’ solid that is derived from silica, an element found in sand that at high temperatures, turns into a liquid that It is rapidly cooled to form glass. Diamonds are derived from carbon, and their crystallization depends on temperatures and pressures much higher than those of glass, making it one of the most resistant materials in the universe, and therefore it is practically unbreakable and impossible to scratch. We know that it is practically impossible to make all our windows and doors out of diamonds, so we must take good care of our glass to avoid scratches.

Scratches of different shapes and sizes can be found on your glass. It must be understood that, depending on the type of scratch, the solutions that can be applied will vary.

What types of scratches can be found on your glass?

There are two types of scratches that can be found on the glass panes of your windows and doors; there are superficial scratches and deep scratches. These at first glance can seem quite the same since their difference does not depend on their length, but on their depth. Superficial scratches can be caused by passing light elements on one of the glass surfaces such as coins, toys, keys among others. While deep scratches can be caused by heavy items, such as tools, or when windows are protected with plywood in hurricane season. The way to detect a deep scratch is to pass your nail through it, if the nail is hindered when passing it means that it is deep, this is the main method to differentiate the types of scratches.

How to remove superficial scratches from your glass?

If you find a superficial scratch on the surface of your glass, it is very likely that it can be repaired. However, most scratches found in everyday life are deep, so it is necessary to check well before proceeding. To remove a superficial scratch, the popular cerium oxide can be used together with the appropriate tools, such as polishers and specific glass sanding discs. It is not recommended that this activity be carried out as a DIY. It is necessary to call a company specialized in scratch removal for evaluation and subsequent service. The use of these tools without due care can raise the temperature of the glass and provoke breakage.

How to remove deep scratches from your glass?

Deep scratches are of special care, a scratch of this type means that the glass suffered wear and lost millimeters of thickness in that area. To solve this situation, it is imperative to call a specialized company, which will oversee determining if the scratch is deep enough to be sanded or if a replacement is necessary. It is important to mention that glasses (depending on their type) have a molecular composition that is determined by a certain temperature applied at the time of manufacture. If this resistance temperature is exceeded by just a few degrees, the glass can suffer immediate breakage, that is why the use of heavy-duty tools, such as polishers, which work with friction, are of careful usage since they can raise the temperature of the glass in just a few seconds. For these reasons it is very valid that in certain situations it is better to replace the glass rather than repair it since there are scratches that cannot be sanded.