Electrostatic painting is an advanced industrial and commercial painting technique based on the principle of magnetic attraction. The attraction is so strong that the paint is drawn to the object to completely cover the surface. It is an excellent method of reaching places that are difficult to reach with spraying, brushing or conventional rolling.

In fact, this kind of painting is ideal for Architectural metallic products such as frames and railings, giving them a smooth, strong, and durable finish.

Benefits of electrostatic painting your Window and Door frames:

  • Smooth finish due to the uniform distribution of the paint.
  • Exceptional durability that resists dirt, oil, and bacteria.
  • Minimal downtime due to faster cleaning and drying.
  • Minimal waste as there is less overspray.
  • Restores and revitalizes metal parts and surfaces.
  • Full coverage, even in hard-to-reach spots.
  • Protection against rust, salt residue and other types of corrosion.

How is the Electrostatic Painting Process?

  1. Treatment
    The quality of the painting will depend mainly on the handling and cleaning given to the surface of the object. Subsequently, a layer of primer will be applied for the correct application of the product.
  2. Application
    The Paint is applied with a special painting gun, the painter remains at a determined distance from the object to apply the paint evenly. Paint particles will be electrically attracted by the metallic surface adhering themselves strongly to the object, this will produce an even and smooth layer of paint. This stage is carried on site under specific conditions in order ensure an optimal application.
  3. Curing / Drying process
    The painted surface achieves a uniform and durable layer, due to a curing process in which the paint pigments melt along its minerals and resins, delivering a chain reaction that forms its final finish.

If you are interested on Electrostatically Painting your window/door frames and railings, please give as a call, and we will assist you with the best service.