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Which Impact Glass Door is Better for You?

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Selecting and Impact Glass Door is very important, you do not need to sacrificed design for security because you can selected from different options to the best design that fits your home style.

Two of the most common Impact Glass Doors styles are:

Sliding Glass Doors

Impact Glass Sliding doors are common in many houses, particularly as an entrance to the patio and backyard.

Impact Glass Sliding Glass Door are  available in many sizes and configurations including two track (up to 4 panels) and three track (up to 6 panel) configurations

Impact Glass Sliding Doors are a perfect solution for space, ventilation and aesthetic considerations.

French Doors (Swing Doors)

Impact Glass French Doors allow you to enjoy unobstructed exterior views, they are very elegant and you can use them to bring the outside inside. The Impact Glass French Doors can also be used as entry impact door or passage door. Impact Glass French doors can fit virtually any application you desire.

The Impact Glass French Doors are manufactured with top-of-the-line components such as solid brass or stainless steel hinges, Baldwin solid brass locks and levers, multiple layers of weather-stripping and strong silicone sealants.

After selecting the Design you also will need to consider:

  • Select a finish: Impact Doors come in a host of standard and custom finishes. Some finishes are: Bronze, White, Clear Anodized, Hazelnut Brown, Mahogany Red, Walnut Brown.
  • Selected hardware: You can choose from a variety of hardware, the style and color that better fits your home design.
  • Pick a glass tint: You can selected the glass tint colors such as Clear, Gray, Dark Gray, Bronze among others.

Selecting Impact Glass Doors for your home is easier than you think, you can renovate your house look selecting the style and color that better fits your home design and getting also protection from hurricanes and vandalism.

Give as a call, and we will assist you in the selection of your Impact Glass Doors.

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