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Electrostatic Paint


The Best Painting Technology for re-coating Architectural Metals on your Building. This painting process, uses a magnet field to apply paint to metals and plastics. Essentially, the object you need to paint is given a negative charge, and the electrostatic paint uses a positive charge, creating a durable, smooth, hard paint.

The electrostatic paint is attracted like a magnet to the metal or plastic. The paint will penetrate through the metal instead of just covering the surface. This system is the only way to refinish existing on-site architectural aluminum and decorative metal.

Why Preferring Electrostatic Paint?

  • Fast Drying on-site refinishing
  • Cost Effective
  • Green Technology
  • Uniform coating application with no overspray
  • Significant reductions in both paint usage and waste generated
  • Cleanliness is maintained at all times
  • Less maintenance is required for pollution or environmental conditions
  • Coatings are available in an array of decorator colors, including blends and matches to existing colors
  • Considered the best form of painting for any type of metal

Recommended For

  • Window & Door Frames
  • Store Front
  • Elevators
  • Railings
  • Gates & Fences
  • Lockers