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Hardware Replacement

Hardware Replacement

If you work with Impact Glass Services, you won’t have to worry about your windows shattering during a storm anymore.

We will replace your building’s large and small impact glass doors and windows. The replacement glass we use will match the exact description of your original glass because we work directly with the best glass suppliers in the industry.

We assure the:

  • Continuity of your impact, thermal, and acoustical protections
  • Product matches with your building appearance

We can replace:

  • Impact Glass
  • Locks
  • Frames
  • Handles
  • Weatherstripping
  • Track
  • Hinge
  • Rails
  • Wheels
  • Balance

If the hardware on your building’s windows or doors is breaking down, we’ve got you covered.

What it Means for You

Our impact glass can handle the severe weather in South Florida

We offer a wide array of choices that are stylish and structurally sound.

Our laminated glass will keep your acoustical protection intact.

We work with your budget and even offer energy star glass that will keep your energy bills low.