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It is not possible to predict the future, but you can mitigate any potential negative impact when choosing your service provider. There will always be more than one option and the following are considerations you can use to choose the best one:

Established: Impact Glass Services was established in March 2009. We have serviced over 2,000 buildings and repaired more than 30,000 doors and windows.

Contractor License: All of our workers are certified as experts in windows, specifically, we have the Glass and Glazing Contractor’s License in Florida.

Insurance Coverage: We mainly service buildings that have impact windows and doors (i.e., those that can withstand hurricanes or strong storms) installed. We carry insurance that provides full coverage for our vehicles, workers compensation and general liability.

Experience: Since the company’s establishment, more than 14 years ago, we have worked with an infinite number of products, inconveniences, problems, challenges, all of which has helped us become better at what we do.

Training: Our technicians are required to complete continuing education coursework concerning behavior in the workplace, preventative measures, procedures, how to handle equipment, installation, appropriate use of supplies, and the operation of doors and windows. Our suppliers, who are experts on the different brands of impact windows and doors in South Florida, are well equipped as well. Staying on the cutting edge and on top of industry trends is instrumental to our company, so we have a training center within our own company that leverages our relations with our suppliers to provide us with top-tier training.

Accomplished background of leadership: The founders of Impact Glass Services have their academic background in industrial engineering and Architecture, giving the company it’s solid foundation. Before starting Impact Glass Services, its leadership worked in the leading window company in South Florida, called RC aluminum industries, in which the leaders were able to obtain a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the impact window industry.

Product Specialization: We are experts in maintaining and repairing impact doors and windows. Our services include:

  • Replacing broken crystal to the exact specifications of the original installation in your door or window
  • Replacing broken parts to restore the doors’ and windows’ operability
  • Renovating your doors and windows with the most effective and highest quality paint, specifically, Electrostatic paint. In addition, we apply a layer of new silicone, so the entire door looks new.
  • Repairing water or air filtration systems
  • Providing preventive care or maintenance so your products function the way it was designed and approved
  • Repairing damages of corrosion caused from high salinity and apply a preventive maintenance so it does not happen again

Reliable: Whatever inconveniences you, we are ready to resolve it and finish the job leaving you satisfied with our service.

Referral: Ask your building manager about us, they most likely have requested our services for a neighbor’s repair or maintenance.

Impact Glass Services is the best company in repairs and maintenance of impact doors and windows in South Florida. Call us at (786)245-4595 or contact us via email at [email protected] to get a free estimate and the best service.

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