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The Best Way to Change the Color of My Windows and Doors, Electrostatic Painting.

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Something very important to keep in mind about impact windows and doors is that, just as they are resistant to hurricanes, they are also made up of multiple elements that need rigorous and professional maintenance. This to prevent deterioration of their structure and the aesthetics that characterizes these. The frames and/or profiles of impact doors and windows can be made mainly of three types of material: aluminum, wood, and PVC / Vinyl, with aluminum being the most widely found material in the US market.

Each of the types of materials in which impact doors and windows are manufactured have special characteristics described as follows:



PVC / Vynil


Maximum structural capabilities and resistance


Metal reinforcement is required


Maximum thermal conductivity


None thermal conductivity


Low thermal conductivity


High maintenance level



Low maintenance level


Considering that aluminum is among the most common materials used in South Florida due to its strength, most buildings that are located in the high-speed hurricane zone or within one mile of the coast have windows and doors manufactured with this material. Being a metallic material, its behavior against the salinity of the oceanic environment makes it require high levels of maintenance. This to avoid common damage such as salt accumulation, oxidation, metallic deterioration, among others.

What should I do if my door has salt accumulation?

If an aluminum impact window or door system, located within a mile of the ocean, has not undergone basic maintenance treatments, it is very possible that the system will begin to accumulate salt on the glass-to-metal rubber gasket perimeters. This salt buildup looks like a hard-to-remove white and yellowish powder that begins to eat away at the aluminum, leaving small holes that can eventually compromise the aluminum’s structural integrity and at the same time could let in water and air.

Once the accumulation of salt has been detected, it is necessary eliminate it, carrying out a metal repair service to cover the holes that the salt left over time. The gaskets are removed to gain access to the compromised areas, these areas must be sanded, cleaned, repaired, and subsequently painted. Finally, the removed gasket is replaced with structural sealant to prevent this condition from happening again. Since aluminum is a metallic material, the best way to paint it is with the electrostatic painting method, which includes the use of static so that the metallic part that is being painted attracts the paint evenly, avoiding waste and overspray. In addition, this method provides the best possible finish applied in the field. 

It is for this reason that not only to eliminate the accumulation of salt, but also to restore the look to your windows or doors, the best method that should be used to paint is electrostatic painting in conjunction with proper repair methods that will eliminate and prevent the problem in the future.  For a free consultation at your property and to obtain a quote, please contact us at [email protected] or call 786.245.4595.

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