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In South Florida, most of the high rises are located along the coastline. Architects and Developers have taken advantage of the amazing ocean views to create magnificent multi-family projects nearby. However, and due to this proximity, construction elements suffer great wear and tear in these types of properties. 

Salt is an element in the environment that affects construction components significantly. Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors are not the exception.

Hurricane windows and doors are typically made of aluminum. Although this is a very noble material, it is also affected by corrosion. Aluminum frames and members are typically coated with paint to protect the material to the elements. But with time, this finish suffers. Factory applied paint starts chalking and the coating starts to thin and to break down. 

At the same time, interior hardware components are also affected. Although these are made from stainless steel, lack of maintenance combined with high levels of salt in the environment can affect these as well. 

Some signs of deterioration on aluminum paint finishes are fading in color, accumulation of salt on joints and/or crevices, and high paint residue transfer to someone’s hand when rubbed. 

On the other hand, stuck hardware, sliding glass door’s difficulty to slide, stuck sashes or vents and difficulty in its operation are signs of deterioration of hardware on operable assemblies.

The most proactive approach to prevent deterioration or damage from the elements is to implement preventive maintenance procedures. These include but are not limited to cleaning the aluminum surfaces, and periodic lubrication of operable hardware components.

Once the products are deteriorated more drastic but effective repair methods have to be implemented. Professional service providers such as IMPACT GLASS SERVICES LLC offer a variety of services for each condition. Our services vary from replacing corroded or damaged hardware such as rollers, handles, single hung window balances and operable window cranks and operators. For damaged or deteriorated aluminum surfaces, we can offer an onsite recoating service with electrostatic paint.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to properly assess your condition and provide the most comprehensive repair recommendation. You can contact us at 786.245.4595 or at [email protected].

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